Food Blogger Pro Re-Design

Food Blogger Pro

As long time client Food Blogger Pro has grown, they reached out to 47m to craft a new look, feel, and flow to better reflect their amazing community. The result is fresh, cohesive experience focused on their users.

Grit Nutrition Branding & Ecommerce

Grit Nutrition

With a beautiful new brand and a powerful custom e-commerce site, Grit Nutrition is ready to take orders.

Camden Military Academy Web Design

Camden Military

We were honored to work with Camden again and revitalize their website 5 years after the original launch. The code, design, and structure all got a massive cleanup - as well as making the site ready for mobile devices.

National Partitions Web Design

National Partitions

National Partition's products have lead the industry for years. They brought 47m in to make sure their brand and website did the same.

AmTrav Web Design


While in the middle of a rebranding, AmTrav called on 47m to give their site a facelift. Using the guidelines they had just created and adding some flair of our own, we gave them a kick-awesome design to work with.

Food Blogger Pro

Food Blogger Pro

Bjork & Lindsay from Pinch of Yum approached us a couple of years ago wanting to create a membership site for other food bloggers. We used the base EE build of Kicktastic and due to their success have far extended it beyond the initial functionality.

Redd’s Barbershop Web Design

Redd's Barbershop

After we finished building Redd's brand, it was time to make their website. A fun mix of modern and retro, this fully responsive site is already drumming up more business for Redd's

Swipely Front-End & CMS


Swipely's been growing like crazy - and was ready to refresh their site just 18 months after we did their last one! This time they had designers in-house so we coded it up and integrated into ExpressionEngine.

Redd’s Barbershop Branding

Redd's Barbershop

We were asked to help Redd's get their brand in shape before growing and expanding to other locations. We came up with a beautiful identity system and clear guidelines that they should be able to use for a long time.

CTS SalesProfile Web Design

CTS SalesProfile

CTS SalesProfile is an awesome personality profile tool from a long-time client, SalesManage Solutions. Working with Dr. Larry Craft, we were able to design a beautiful, responsive front-end for his complex calculations.

Swipely Web Design


Swipely came to us with a great product and a pretty good website. But they wanted to take it up a notch. We refreshed their brand, designed a new responsive website and made it easy for them to update.

Ag Leader Web Design

Ag Leader

Ag Leader worked with 47m to deliver a more mature design for their brand along with a responsive, easy-to-update site. The result has put them leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

Redeemer Bible Church

Redeemer Bible Church

Redeemer needed a responsive, easily updatable site to house 10+ years worth of sermons. We gave them a foundation that should last for years to come.

Gaia Interactive Web Design

Gaia Interactive

Gaia came to us with a roster of epic web, Facebook, iPhone, iPad and Android games that needed a home. We gave them a unique and fun brand along with a CMS so they can maintain it.

TopScripture Web Design


TopScripture came to us with a small, but important project. They were making a browser plugin that would keep God's Word on tap throughout the day. We were glad to lend a hand with branding and setting up the splash page.

FacilityDude Web Design


We were honored to be brought back to design FacilityDude's site a second time. A complete overhaul on the inside and outside, v.2 should serve them for a long time to come.

Firmex Web Build Out


We gave Firmex a powerful and flexible ExpressionEngine solution with complex relationships, landing pages and A/B Testing. Did we mention it's super easy to use? They love it.

Yowza!! Web Design


Yowza!! wanted to take their pretty good site and make it even better. We gave them some retro fun dashed with HTM5 & CSS3 - even some iPhone layouts!

SalesManage Solutions Web Design

SalesManage Solutions

We've worked with SalesManage Solutions for several years and were excited when they came back to us for help. Having just undergone an internal re-focusing, everything needed to be overhauled.

Camden Military Academy Web Design

Camden Military

Camden Military came to us in desperate need of a re-design. For a military academy with a 100+ year history, they were missing a huge opportunity to share their story with potential users. We helped them share it.

Foliage Design Web Design

Foliage Design

Foliage Design is Trinidad and Tobago's finest plant rental, garden maintenance and landscape design company. And they needed a new identity and website to prove it.

Little Remedies Web Design

Little Remedies

Little Remedies bravely let us replace their cold, unfriendly site with a much warmer and friendlier tone fitting for a successful line of children's products. They loved it!

Visual Recipes Web Design

Visual Recipes

Visual Recipies lets you post pictures for each step of your recipe. Post your recipes and the world becomes a better place with more people making good food. See how we helped them.

DesignersMusic Web Design


With DesignersMusic, Nate and I wanted to create a place where other designers could share what they're listening to.Two years later, we're still finding new music to design to.

Optime Software Website

Optime Software

iPhone App developers Optime Software were in need of a fresh look. Their free games are routinely found in the top apps lists on the iTunes App Store, but their old website needed some personality

Hostelling International USA Website

Hostelling International

HI-USA was like most businesses: had a 3-4 year old site that things just kept getting added onto until the sitemap was disaster and styles weren't matching anymore. We came in to bring the awesome.

Kingdom Landscapes Website

Kingdom Landscapes

Kingdom Landscapes needed a new brand that sold them as the high end custom landscaping design shop they were. We worked with them to create an identity that did just that - and a website to match.

Casillas Custom Furniture Website

Casillas, Inc.

Our first ever "backend only" job, Casillas let us flex our HTML/CSS and ExpressionEngine muscles, creating a great browsing experience for their amazing products and a backend that was easy to use.

Show & Tell Sale Website

Show & Tell Sale

Show & Tell Sale needed an awesome website to build their consignment sale empire, and we brought all of our skills to the table to make it fun and elegant.

Hardscapes Etc. Website

Hardscapes Etc.

From an old school Flash based site to a plush new HTML/CSS design, one of the first sites I built gets a refresh.

EdgePoint Church Website

EdgePoint Church

When a church decides to have some personality and get grungy, we get excited! EdgePoint Church's site is full of fun.

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