Truth in Advertising. Or Not.

by Jonathan Longnecker in Business

Save 20% on any one regular-priced baby item

We got this coupon in the mail the other day from Babies-“R”-Us & Toys-“R”-Us. Notice it says, “Save 20% of ANY one regular priced baby item.” Great! Fantastic! Then we turned it over.

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Kicktastic - A New Project to Tell You Our Secrets

by Jonathan Longnecker in Design, Business

Kicktastic. We've made 50% more money this year than last year. Want to know our secret

We’re excited to announce a new project – Kicktastic!

Here’s the deal: We’re making 50% more money this year and we want to let you guys (and girls) in on what we’re doing differently. It will of course be done in typical 47m fashion with loads of style and fun, but we need to know if you’re interested.

If you are, please take a minute, go to and sign up to be notified when it’s ready!

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Google A/B Testing with ExpressionEngine, Structure & Freebie

by Jonathan Longnecker in ExpressionEngine

It’s been far too long since we had a proper ExpressionEngine tutorial here so without further adieu I present to you a solution for running Google A/B Tests with a Structure setup. Be warned, if you’re not familiar with how Structure works or basic EE templating you might get lost. I just can’t cover all of that here.

We had the pleasure of working with a kick awesome company called Firmex a few months ago and built them out a sweet Structure based site. We didn’t actually design this one - credit goes to Laura Wills at Messenger Design for that. But we did do all the HTML/CSS and ExpressionEngine work.

One of the main things Firmex wanted to be able to do was use Google’s A/B Optimizer to track the effectiveness of just about every page on the site. Wait, what – every page I hear you say? That’s right. And that’s some serious flexibility right there. But let’s start with exactly what A/B testing is.

A/B Testing - A Quick Overview

Firmex A/B Example

Let’s say you had the best homepage ever on your site. But you weren’t sure if the picture and header at the top of the page were sending the right message. With the A/B testing you could setup multiple versions with different pictures and headlines and track the results to see which is the most effective.

In order to do all this you need a few things:

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Learning to Say No

by Jonathan Longnecker in Business, Personal

Do you know when to say no to a new job? I don’t either. But I’m learning.

First of all, why is it so hard to say no? Because we want people to like us? Because it’s easier to say yes? Because it avoids conflict? Probably yes to all of the above. No one likes to be the bad guy, right?

“But I might not get that job and have enough money to keep my lights on!” you say. “My client will get angry and fire me!” “Deep down I want everyone to love me!” A lofty, but unattainable goal. Get over it.

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What’s Up With the Twitter for Mac Icon?

by Jonathan Longnecker in Design

Would the real Twitter for Mac Icon Please Stand Up?

Here’s the thing. I really try not to gripe about things like an application icon. If it’s horrible you can always go make one yourself, right? But the Twitter for Mac icon saga warrants some kind of discussion.

In case you didn’t know, Twitter for Mac is actually sort of Tweetie for Mac 2. The difference being that Twitter hired the creator, Loren Brichter and so version 2 was aptly re-named. In fact, the original Tweetie for Mac was so good that many people kept using it long after it went months without updates and no promise of a new version.

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A Look Back at 2010 for FortySeven Media

by Jonathan Longnecker in Design, Business, Personal

It’s time for the semi-regular year end post from FortySeven Media! 2010 was a nutty year filled with lots of traveling, some great client projects and some even better personal projects. Let’s get started, shall we?

Speaking, Conferencing and Traveling

While we got our first taste of web conferences back in 2009, 2010 took it to a whole other level.



First off was LessConf in Atlanta. With speakers like Jason and David from 37 Signals, Cameron Moll, Chris Wanstrath from GitHub, Dan Martell, Clay Hebert and Peldi Guilizoni of Balsamiq we were energized and encouraged to keep making kick-awesome stuff.



Next was EECI2010 the US Edition in San Francisco. I got to speak at this one and we were reunited with a bunch of our old friends from the Leiden conference back in 2009. The city was fantastic and we even got to meet a few of our long-distance clients while we were there!

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