What’s Going On at FortySeven Media?

by Jonathan Longnecker

Yeah we know. It’s been way too quiet around here. Not many new portfolio entries; not many blog posts. We’re slackers, I tell you! Well, maybe not smile

First, we have been doing a TON of work. Web app design, social network design, interface design. Except none of it’s live to the public yet. The backend guys are still doing their thing. And in the past two weeks we just pushed through about 3 or 4 major front-end design projects that should be live shortly. Plus, we’ve done several for other agencies that you can only guess that we did by their awesomeness cause they won’t let us put it in our portfolio. But such is the way of the wayward web designer.

Second, we’ve been hard at work completing our long-forgotten album! Nate and I make all kinds of crazy music as well as push pixels. It’s a really long story that involves a band, lots of little rooms, the past 5 years and a rather disparaging hard drive crash, but it’s almost done. The liner notes will explain everything, I promise. Not to mention we’ve been recording two other albums for artists that should all launch around the same time. So that media section in the portfolio should actually have something in it soon.

Divide all that between families and the fact that one of us is getting married in like two weeks and the stress level has been high my friends. But we see the light at the end of the tunnell! We’re looking forward to being able to speak our warped minds freely in a more timely fashion again soon.

August 27, 2008

Design, Business, Personal


  1. Good to hear things are busy-busy, I was wondering just the other day how my favorite gang of freelancers, or is it more of a design firm, you all have there.
    Shoot me an email on some of your latest projects, off the record of course.
    Also I know of a band in dire need of a decent website, from your neck of the woods sort of.

  2. Hey Ty! You must be paitient, my son smile I might get my left pinky toe cut off if I divulge any of the forthcoming awesomeness. What is this band you speak of?

  3. It appears to day they do have a site, yesterday and last week was only a poster to a myspace page:
    They’ve got a recording of 12 songs on ice with Robert Randolph as a guest on a track or two, saw them live in downtown Greenville, SC last week. An eclectic mix of reggae, soul, funk and rock. A new lead singer and bassist joining the rock-solid rhythm section. Google Six Chasing Seven and you’ll find some video clips. I bought there EP. I think you’ld like their lyrics and direction also.
    They’re base is Lynchburg, VA.

  4. What is it when I start typing their, there and they’re I really kick-out the typo’s.
    Q: Why is a MySpace page better than a website
    A: It’s not

    Q: Is a wiki an actual event website
    A: No, a wiki makes a person think they’ve landed on wikipedia and go looking for the “Real site”.

    Somebody had to toss in some rants around here!!! lol.

  5. ty - I must say I appreciate the rants. They made me smile.

  6. I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while. Good to see you back. Keep up your great work!

  7. Thanks Webbyra, we will! Ty, here’s one more rant for you: IE6. ‘Nuf said wink

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