Beat The Claw - Win a scary prize!

by Nate Croft

Being a designer changes the way you look at the world. You pay attention to details. You notice things. You notice the freaky toys inside the claw game at your local grocery store. Ok, well I notice them anyhow.

On may way out, I happened to glance at the claw game. Some part of me wants to play them every time I see one, but I never do. That doesn’t stop me from checking out the forbidden treasures behind the plexiglas! Um, I mean, studying the product design of the silly little children’s toys. wink This time I didn’t even need to actually stop and look, because this thing caught my attention from a good ten feet out:


Never mind that its head and body are different colors entirely, it’s the pupils that overlap its eyelids that really push the creepy weirdness to new heights. Even better, its creators thought it should have a name, besides “That which we do not speak of.” Her name is Catrina Gloss.

Catrina, as it turns out, is a ghetto hardened ET/cat creature/singer.

The card in the picture reads:

This feline phenomenon was born in the ghetto and clawed her way out. With her glamorous gowns and vivacious voice, she truly is the cat’s meow. She puts the PURRRR in perfection and just may be the American animal icon.

This is what real cats have to say about Catrina.

August 28, 2008



  1. Um….................
    I like dots…........
    Can you tell?.......

  2. I really don’t know if kids would like it, its like a character from a horror film. Looks like another girl of Chuckie.

  3. Lol. I don’t think anybody would be interested in Playing the claw game if these are the kind of toys they could be getting.

    -M from Mexico

  4. I like it despite the negative comments.

  5. Thanks for sharing this one. This is really interesting. I wanna join on this.

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