The Kick Awesome Show: Episode 8

by Jonathan Longnecker

Greetings fellow Kick Awesome Show watchers! Today marks the first time TKAS is showing at it’s new home, As such we might occasionally mention it here, but to catch new episodes you’ll need to subscribe in one of the plethora of ways below.

Join us as we high five our intern & iFontMaker, show you what we’d dress up for for Halloween, use Adobe Ideas for sketching on your iPad and our picks from DesignersMusic.

Nate and I just want to say thank you so much for taking the time to watch, and we’re excited to keep making the show even better as it becomes it’s own thing. So subscribe already!

Episode 8

November 01, 2010

Kick Awesome Show


  1. Nice show, guys. Really like you work. And Typekit is pretty neat.

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