The Kick Awesome Show: Episode 7

by Jonathan Longnecker

Episode 7 is our biggest episode yet. Join us at the EECI Conference in the Netherlands (we’re international!) and keep watching for a huge, gigantimus announcement for the future of TKAS. That’s right, we’re going to the big time!

Special Announcement

Don’t forget, next week TKAS is moving to Mark your calendars, and if you’re interested in being a sponsor drop us a line.

October 25, 2010

Kick Awesome Show


  1. Not going to live Im really starting to look forward to this every week. Well done gentlemen *golf claps*

  2. TYPO fail. “Not going to *lie*” is what i meant to say

  3. @Brandon whew! I thought we were going to have to stage an intervention smile

  4. Point about the trains is very well made, especially as I ended up in BELGIUM on the first night in Holland which cost me a fair chunk of the cash I brought to Holland!

    Had a real good time hanging with you guys (and Dena too). Really hoping we get to go south first and spend some time with family and you guys before moving to Saratoga Springs.

    Keep up the kick awesomeness!

  5. Guys these episodes are great! Well done. I’ve been parsing through them this evening and I’m entertained and learning a great deal from many of the links you’ve provided. I am curious about your recording techniques as far as what camera(s) and editing techniques you might be using. The videos look fantastic.

  6. @Steven man that is lame you ended up in Belgium. Not that Belgium’s lame…but you know what I mean. You’re welcome anytime here in Knoxville, sir!

    @Chris You might want to dig in the comments on the older episodes. I think Nate spilled the beans there. We get that question a lot…maybe we should write a blog post smile

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