Smashing Magazine Loves Us!

by Jonathan Longnecker

Smashing Magazine - We smash you with the information that will make your life easier, really.I was just informed that Smashing Magazine is using the EdgePoint Church site as an example of great grid based design. Awesome! Kudos to EdgePoint for giving us the freedom to give a church such a kick awesome design. We’re honored that Smashing magazine would include us as one of only 3 case studies. Kind words, for sure: “The grid is escaped with the use of angles and placement of the illustrations and photography that surround the layout. The header has a free flow design that opens up the top as a creative space.” Thanks, guys!

Check out the article here.

March 27, 2008



  1. Consider revising: “Kudos to EdgePoint for giving us the freedom to give them a church such a kick awesome design.” Perhpas, “their church”. Feel free to delete this post.

  2. Thanks, Daniel. I rewrote that sentence several times, that “such” must have still been in there from a previous version.

  3. Cool, you guys are rocking right out of the box!
    I think I’ll be able to include the site on a new feature they are letting me do over at
    It will be a Top 10 sort of list of the best CSS resources & gallery sites of the week.
    The current working name I sort of like is “The MI Weekly Top Standards” smile

    I hear Stylegala, needs a good site reviewer if anyone’s interested, give them a shout over there.

  4. My friend just directed me to your site, and I really like your positioning and tone. Once thing I couldn’t help but notice was the similarity between the Smash Magazine logo and the SalesManage Solutions logo, close eh?

  5. @Gareth, Haha, yes that is true! The SMS icon is several years old and was designed by someone else, though. Anyone know how long Smashing Magazine has been around? I’d be curious to know what came first.

  6. Smashing Magazine is relatively new launching right around Oct. of ‘06, or thereabouts. Did you see the recent Code Editors post:
    I sent them an email months ago requesting a review of IDE’s and code editors, I was excited about Aptana then, right before Aptana launched their pay pro version, which is probably worth it.

  7. @Jonathan, Yeah, I guessed you did do the logo, I just found it funny that the two logos would somehow land on your site to face-off, or have a family reunion grin

  8. oops, that should have read “didn’t do the logo”

  9. Yeah so looks like SalesManage came way before. I remember seeing the logo back in 2004. Anyway, good catch, Gareth!

    @Ty, thanks for the date check. If I used a PC, Aptana looks pretty nice. I’m still using the ol’ Dreamweaver for HTML and CSS Edit for CSS right now. Maybe Coda will make itself worthy in the next version. Actually, if they’d just put CSS Edit in Coda I’d be good. Peace out.

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