Universal IE Hack And Other Hot Tips!

by Nate Croft

Fadtastic.net has put out their “HOT TIPS for Your Website in 2008.” Remember the date here friends. wink

Anyhow, check out the Universal IE Hack, it’s the CSS I wish I could put into every site we code. Just kidding; we love you IE6. Except we’d rather gouge our eyes out with a spoon than “fix” another site for you ever again smile

Via Fadtastic.net

And happy April Fool’s Day, hopefully you didn’t fall for any of the craziness out on the internets.

I did, but that’s another story. Stinking international dateline.

April 01, 2008



  1. Hey here’s another Internet Explorer tip of sorts…
    I’m entering into the foray known as debating the merits of IE6, or why should we care:
    Thought you might enjoy it.

  2. Hi,
    I’ve got a Net-gear 7 Router.I have had better Internet access, but in the last few weeks things started slowing down.I only have 32 processes running at any one time and frequently run crap cleaner.Accessing the internet is painfully slow, and waiting for pages to open from the internet is just like listening to a ticking Grandfather clock.How to increase my wireless internet signal and improve my internet speed?

  3. IE has just had yet anohter zero day released just before christmas, the exploit gives and attacker the ability to run arbitrary code on the vitims computer to spawn shells etc. I have discussed the exploit and metasploit version of the exploit in my article here - http://adamonsecurity.com/?p=110 - I hope you find it interesting, all comments are greatly received.


  4. The things which are discuses here are quite related to daily problems. I was facing also the same problem with my system. But by doing some setting finally i got that waher does the problem was, and now i dont feel any thing wrong with my syste.

  5. Ah IE6….it’s like Microsoft purposely tried to make it as exploitable as possible….

  6. If you’re asking if most work-at-home opportunities are anywhere near as good as the ads offering them make them out to be… well, to put it bluntly, no. Even in the ones which aren’t outright scams, it’s much more difficult to succeed than the ads make it sound.

  7. Wow! This is an amazing piece of technology! I was listening to the conversation in the podcast I was running so many ideas through my head that this smart table could be used for in my classroom.

  8. Accessing the internet is painfully slow, and waiting for pages to open from the internet is just like listening to a ticking Grandfather clock.

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