Mac OS X Leopard ExpressionEngine Folder Icon

by Jonathan Longnecker

Icon in Coverflow

Here’s a little goodie for you ExpressionEngine developers on Leopard. A pretty folder icon to put all your plugins, modules, extensions, etc… in.

Quick rundown for those who don’t know how to change folder icons:

Get info1. Select the folder who’s icon you want to change.

2. Right Click and select “Get Info” or press “Command - I.”

3. Select the eeicon folder and do the same.

Info Windows

4. You should have two info windows up. Now, click on the EE icon in the top left until it’s highlighted blue.

Selected5. Copy it. (“Command-C”)

6. Now, click on the icon in the other get info window and Paste it (“Command-V”)

7. Done! Note: You can change it back to the default by selecting until it’s highlighted again and hitting delete.

Folder icon replaced

Download files here. UPDATE: I’ve included the PSD, too if you want to add designators to your own icon. I did them in Avenir, but you’re welcome to use whatever.

Please note: the ExpressionEngine logo is copyright EllisLabs. I didn’t create it; I just made a folder icon. Enjoy!

March 27, 2008

Design, ExpressionEngine, Apple


  1. Great stuff and you incorporated my suggestion too!

    Any chance of releasing the Photoshop/Illustrator file so we can add our own identifiers (Like PI, EXT etc?)

  2. Sure, Steve. The .zip file has been updated. I used Avenir for the designators. Can’t give you that, though wink

  3. Thanks guys. I’m just getting into EE, and not that a folder icon will help my learning curve much, but it’ll be a nice touch…

    Very nice portfolio as well.

    ~ Bryan

  4. Unrelated to post, but I’m curious… does fortysevenmedia implement wysiwyg editors on the ExpressionEngine sites it develops for clients?

  5. Hi corey, we generally use the default backend as it’s easy to understand and saves a ton of time in development. Not to mention wysiwyg editors are notorious for spitting out horrid, invalid code. We set it up so the client just fills in some form fields and EE takes care of the rest. Works better for everyone.

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