Secret Passageways!

by Nate Croft


This post has nothing to do with web design. In fact, the link I’m about to give you is to a horrible flash driven site. This company specializes in building secret passageways into your house! So, take a break you hardworking web designers/developers/ninjas and check out how you can finally get that secret lair you’ve wanted since you were 9. The staircases are my favorites. What’s yours?

Hidden Passageways

August 27, 2009



  1. nice the stairs can be lifted up…....

    If there is Bruce Wayne in this world, these guys will get rich…......

  2. The mirror like passage is cool… People would wonder why they don’t have reflection on the mirror.. hahahaha..

  3. Cool Nate, already checking w/ the boss to see if he can fit some of this stuff into the Internet Dept.‘s budget for next year, under area 51 expenditures
    That and a trip to the conference ought to just about do it!

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