Unused Domain Names? Free Yourself with Namebox

by Jonathan Longnecker

Namebox Homepage Screenshot

One of our recent tips over on Kicktastic was about Keeping Your Overhead Low - making sure you really need all those expenses you may have piled up. And one that piles up quickly for most of us are domain names. You know the one you bought because you had a great a idea but never got around to it -x 20? Twenty extra domain names and you're losing at least $200 a year. Not to mention the time sifting through renewal and registration emails.

Namebox comes to the rescue here. It's a super simple app for listing your domains, the price you'd like to sell them for and then people can contact you to make a bid. And for those of you with a closet domain problem, there is a Pro version for more than 120 domains.

If you've had the domain for a year and done nothing with it - time to let it go. Get that time, money and brain space back. Give Namebox a try.

September 13, 2013

Business, Kicktastic


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