Brace Uses Dropbox to Easily Serve Up Static Sites

by Jonathan Longnecker

This looks like a really interesting idea. Brace hooks up to your Dropbox account and lets you serve your static HTML/CSS/JS files as a website. This means you just update your files in your Dropbox folder and things get updated automatically. Even cooler, though - Brace actually creates a production version of your site that won't push those changes live until you're ready. Add to that Dropbox's simple file versioning and it sounds like a really simple, safe way to create static sites.

As we do a lot of CMS based work that requires PHP and MySQL, I'm not sure how beneficial this would be to us right now, but I like where Brace is going with this. Who knows what it might turn into down the road.

Brace will start opening up in October so go get your email on the list if you're interested.

September 27, 2013



  1. Very crafty way to host your sites, thanks for sharing this great little tip smile

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