I Need to Write a New Blog Post

by Jonathan Longnecker

Hey everybody, sorry we’ve been kind of quiet around here lately! Since we launched the new site in January we’ve had a flood of job requests come in and thus our free time has diminished a bit.

In addition, Nate and I are both helping to start new churches. Nate is running sound over at Turkey Creek Church (no, we didn’t do the website…don’t know why) and I’m leading worship and handling web duties at EdgePoint Church.

Oh, and besides that I am completely remodeling my kitchen. As in walls, cabinets, counters, plumbing, electrical, appliances, the works. So bear with us; we’ll be back with more of the helpful tutorial type stuff shortly.

Thanks for reading!

March 17, 2008

Business, Personal


  1. Cool, did you do the Edgepoint Church website then, both have nice sites.
    My kitchen could use an extreme makeover, nothing a good sledge hammer wouldn’t get started on —seriously. wink
    The hard part is putting it all back together, sometimes it’s best to just leave things be.
    Good luck, and don’t over spend on the kitchen (word from the wise)...

  2. Good luck on the kitchen remodel. I had sanded, painted, and clear-coated my cabinets in a weekend and thought I’d never get done. Can’t imagine what the whole sha-bang would have done to me.

  3. Hey Ty, yeah we did the EdgePoint site; it just went live over the weekend. We’re doing most of the remodeling ourselves so our cost has been pretty low so far (and I hope it stays that way!)

    Josh, yeah we almost hand-stained the new cabinets but found some really nice ones at a salvage type place. It was worth the money in the time we’d save. The drywall is giving me fits, though. Bleh smile

  4. Drywall installation ... Those guys are worth their weight in gold.

  5. Exactly what I was thinking, lots of young guys working in that field might be reasonable. Anyone know of one in Hancock Co. Ohio area, lol.

  6. Ty, alas, Butler Co. (Cincinnati) is the area I call home. Chili + spaghetti? I say, ‘Poppycock!’.

  7. So you are completely remodeling your kitchen! Are you doing it by yourself or hiring a handyman?

  8. A combination; we hired someone to do the plumbing and tile floor and my wife’s dad helped us cut out the windows in the wall, measure for the cabinets and get them in. We painted and drywalled ourselves though.

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