FortySeven Media Selected as a Finalist at Unique CSS

by Jonathan Longnecker

Unique CSS - The Best Designs. Here.I meant to post this earlier, but we were nominated for the month of March by Unique CSS. Basically, they pick only 8 of the best sites they find and let people vote for the winner each month. Now, I know we’re halfway through March, but there’s still time! We need your help to win this thing. Do I sound like a politician yet?

Seriously, though we’re honored to have been chosen for this month at Unique CSS. If it behooves you (yeah I used that word, deal with it!) go and give us a big fat 5 stars! Vote Now.

March 18, 2008



  1. That’s a new gallery on me.
    I don’t care for galleries that do not give a little bit more of an overall composite screenshot of the site. It’s just not worth visiting the sites, unless they have a record of picking only winners, which it seems they may be on the right track there.
    There star rating is obviously skewed if 47m only has a 2!
    Star ratings are just visual fluff anymore.

    For the record, “Five big fat stars, it was”!

  2. Thanks, Ty! I knew I could count on you smile

  3. I have voted you not because you said, but you really deserved it.

    All the best

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