Less Everything’s Open Source Social Networking Platform

by Jonathan Longnecker

Lovd by LessWell, our boys over at Less Everything have done it again. They’ve just released an open source social networking program called Lovd By Less. Frankly, I’m not sure how they manage to write app so fast, let alone make them this good. They must be eating their Wheaties. If you’ve been looking to put together some kind of social networking site and want to save some time developing, you should definitely check it out. Keep in mind that this is built with Ruby on Rails, so you’ll need to have some experience there. Here’s a list of features:

  • Follow a user, mutual following is friending.
  • User-to-User Messaging
  • Profile Comments
  • User Blogs with Comments
  • Photo Gallery with Captions
  • Site Search for Friends
  • Profile Bio and Information
  • User Dashboard (Recent Activity of Friends)
  • Emailed Activity
  • Flickr Integration
  • YouTube Integration

So you can see it’s very full featured, but very slim on code (1201 lines to be exact!) Making it a great way to start a social networking site or add some social networking functionality to a pre-existing site. Check it out!

March 17, 2008



  1. Glad you like our work, this year we’ll be releasing more open source apps in rails.  Stay tuned! Thanks for the plug.

  2. A social networking program called lovdbyless? isn’t the whole purpose of a social networking program to be loved my more?

  3. Well, yeah but the company behind it is Less Everything sooooo it’s loved more by Less if you follow wink

  4. intersting name and concept. looks like reverse psychology marketing technique

  5. That’s one project that looks very promising for those of us having groups of students contribute to one blog and yet, want a little something more. Nice work!

  6. Looks like they’ve done a fantastic job on this.

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