Kicktastic - Unconventional Video Training


When you are good at what you do but not so great at business, life can be hard. But Kicktastic is here to help! It's solid business training with a sense of humor.

Sales Manage Solutions - Recruit The Best

Sales Manage Solutions

Sales Manage Solutions new "Recruit The Best" system is changing the way companies hire and what better way to introduce the system than with a video?

Center Centre Kickstarter Video

Center Centre/Unicorn Institute

When Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman & Jared Spool needed a Kickstarter video for their Center Centre project, we helped them get the message out with a kick-awesome video. The goal? $21,000. Can you imagine how happy they were when it cracked $130,000? FUNDED!

Camden Military Academy Introduction Video

Camden Military Academy

Camden Military Academy needed a video to show parents and potential cadets what it's like to attend the academy. From script writing to filming and editing, we made sure they had a video they could be proud of.

EECI Promotional Video

ExpressionEngine/CodeIgniter Conference

The ExpressionEngine/CodeIgniter Conference needed a great promotional video to market the conference.

Troy Steals Kicktastic


Upon learning about the upcoming Kicktastic, Troy plans to break in and steal the files and keep all that business knowledge for himself!

Firmex Video


Firmex needed quick way to explain the value, depth and security of their platform and this video overview is just what they needed

Sales Activities Video

Sales Activities

Tracking your activities makes all the difference in the sales word. Lance Cooper and Steve Suggs of Sales Manage Solutions are the experts.

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