Vimeo’s Code Art

by Nate Croft

I’ve been looking for a higher quality alternative to YouTube, and have really been digging Vimeo. So while I was there, I did like any other self respecting web designer/developer would and had a look at the source code.

It was there that I found this:


Now that is some pretty sweet ASCII-style logo action!

I was impressed with their service already, but this is a stylish touch that goes above and beyond the call of radness. Hi-fives to the Vimeo crew for professionalism with style.

May 23, 2008



  1. That is pretty slick…

    I wonder if there is an online ascii generator for something like that? I’m guessing there is maybe definitely plugin’s for textmate or something to do that?

    The usual place you see those is in readme files, not sure I’ve ever seen that in an actual coded page smile

    I like the point you made about “any other self respecting web designer/developer would” do… It makes me feel less the geek now, or more the geek which is it?
    I hope the 47M gang has a great Memorial Day weekend holiday there, enjoy!

  2. That proves the point I was trying to make in my Gallery post this week:
    ...wondering if anybody even reads them?

    I also dug up a link to a WebDesign Is Art wallpaper I noticed someplace.

  3. To the Geeks!

  4. Anyone know of plugins that generate ascii code?

  5. Never heard of Vimeo before, thanks for the tip.

  6. Never heard of VIMEO before but it certainly looks like a great alternative to Youtube.


  7. Haha, I think those ASCII-arts are usually included in program cracks and stuffs like that.. never come to me that someone would put it on the HTML. LOL, thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow! that’s really nice..Good to here about Vimeo..

  9. Wow! That’s really nice!

  10. Wow! dude that’s absolutely amazing I like it so much buddy!..Just keep it up..

  11. Job well done!

  12. Great Mind.  I really like it so much.  Love it.

  13. Wow that was really amazing and cool.  Thanks for sharing you post.

  14. Magnificent! I never knew it before but now it was awesome! Brilliant!

  15. I can’t believe. Excellent idea. I like it.

  16. Nice one!

  17. That’s incredible. Hats off to you.

  18. That’s really nice! Awesome.

  19. Magnificent!

  20. Fabulous! I admire it so much.

  21. I like the thoughts and the ideas.

  22. Well found sir!

    An today I created my first account at vimeo, very pro.


  23. Impressive!

  24. Vimeo crew FTW!

  25. You are so right Vimeo is a great place to find inspiration. Thanks!

  26. VIMEO truly rules! Cool tips thx!

  27. I need to look deeper into Vimeo - good tip.

  28. Hi!I definitelly will resopt my short film in it’s final version with music and nice color etc. Probably in few weeks from now. Thanks for kind words about it smile. It’s been a while since I animated that little thing smile hahaha

  29. I am hoping to see some rellay awesome chess games at this year’s British Chess Championship.  Although I shall be unable to watch every single live broadcast, I shall definitely study the games carefully.  There is nothing I like better than an epic battle of wits between expert chess players.

  30. I’m also a big fan of Vimeo!

  31.   I like the thoughts and the ideas.


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