The Kick Awesome Show: Episode 6

by Nate Croft

What’s that? A new episode of The Kick Awesome Show? Oh yes!

Now that we’re all done being sick and speaking and traveling we are back and ready to rock! We’ve got crazy stunt driving, travel hacking, and bad pirate acting. Our new intern tells us about his problems, and we find out where in the world Nate’s been.

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October 17, 2010

Kick Awesome Show


  1. Excellent choice, Trentmøller - The last Resort is absolutely one of my favorite all time albums!

    Can’t wait to see the EECI video wink

  2. @Jeroen We love it! It is so good to work to.

    The EECI episode drops next Monday.

  3. What imaginations ! Love it !

  4. Trentemøller is the sh*t.

    Anyhow, as requested, just dropping a comment to let you know that I will be at EECI in Leiden. Looking forward to it!

  5. Love the video guys!

    Awesome choice with FF5 Nate! Personal favorite to work to!

  6. @ Brandon I love me some FF5! I get it stuck in my head all the time.

  7. Great show and definitely a great pick of music.

    Trentemøller - Miss You is by far my favorite song by him, but this entire album is awesome.

    Can’t wait too see what’s in store next week. EECI was awsome!

  8. ahh wicked never saw that before

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