The Very Secret Order of Creatives Understanding

by Nate Croft

image I don’t know when The Committee For Establishing Rules sat down to dictate that businesses must be staunchly boring and devoid of personality, but I’m glad to see that Veer missed the memo on that one. They are one of a few a larger companies we do business with that have managed to keep their charm. More than that, they know how to have fun.

imageSo, what has sparked this fountain of appreciation? An e-mail. An e-mail with a little picture of a folder and some text that says: “The Very Secret Order of Creatives Understanding encourages and celebrates creativity. Since you already create wonderful things, you’re automatically in.”

They do this sort of thing pretty frequently, and I have to say, I like getting emails and catalogs from them. Everything else gets deleted or trashed on the way back from the mailbox, but I actually look forward to getting something from them. They have a brilliant sense of humor, great products and services, and most importantly, they have my business.

Enough talking, The Very Secret Order of Creatives Understanding is waiting for you. The secret handshakes alone are worth it.

April 09, 2008



  1. Cool handbook and minisite. We are all about Top Secret around here.
    I love the Veer desktop widget, it’s very Python-esque.

    I haven’t cracked the wallpaper riddles, don’t think I got the mailing even, I remember pitching something the other day though… doh!
    That’ll teach me.

  2. I’ve got one so far, but haven’t had time to look into them properly. Has anyone else got their riddle bustin’ on?

  3. I cracked #3 then, #7’s got me stuck, not sure if there are more wallpapers, like random somehow, I only see two possible right now.
    The #3 got me the logo on an embossed rustic background pretty cool.
    The mailing pdf can be downloaded, how I got the #3 riddle.

  4. Get out a magnifying glass for #7.

  5. I’m having problems with #7 as well, but from the pdf.  I’ve tried zooming it, but I wonder if the pixelation has something to do with why I can’t read it.  It’s the only one I haven’t figured out yet!

  6. Yah…need the actual printed piece for that one.  Too pixely in the pdf.

    It’s perfection.

  7. Thanks Doug!

  8. Hey what do you think of the new Did y.ou get the mailing for that about the free T-shirt contest schwag offer? Sign-up for an account create a fake ad and mail it to contactus @ ...
    I signed up looking for the freebies now, it’s empowered by Corbis, so there’s probably some cool stuff, let me know what you think then!

  9. I haven’t heard of them, actually. I’ll have to check them out. Veer and iStock normally get the most love here, but it’s always good to add a another resource.

    Thanks for the heads up Ty.

  10. Right.Great work!

  11. The widget was updated at:
    Looks like they added a daily idea type feed, beneath the search.

  12. These are pretty hard stuff here. I’d salute anyone that finished the whole thing -.-

  13. I think Veer sets a great example and many, many companies should follow their lead!

  14. This is my favorite thing I’ve gotten in the mail in ages. Someone at work actually asked me, “Did they send this to everyone or was it custom-made for you? I mean, an octopus? With wings??” Veer definitely knows their marketing.

  15. Hints for No. 6, please…

  16. Ana, you need to use the key at the back of the pdf smile

  17. Ta cheese  obviously,  not enough coffee yesterday.

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