The Apple Product

by Jonathan Longnecker

Apple’s Four-Year Product Rollout →

Up until recently, they have been selling tangible products: devices with software. Soon, Apple will be selling universal, ubiquitous access. Or: all your stuff on all your devices in any place.

This is such a great post. It captures all the things that have been in the edges of my mind for a while, but I’ve never been able to articulate it as well as Shawn Blanc has. I will say that what’s truly amazing is that Apple has been able to build towards this “one product” with off the charts success for the individual products. iPhones, iPads, the MacBook Air and even the Mac App Store and OS X Lion have created this steamroller of profit and awesomeness. We’re on the verge of what I know most of us have wanted with all our Apple devices..for them all to truly work seamlessly together from media to apps to content. It’s exciting times, folks.

September 14, 2011



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