by Nate Croft

In an effort to have a little more fun with the blog, we will be adding our silly sketches for your enjoyment. Let's get this silliness kicked off!

Sony Walkman


February 06, 2012



  1. Yes, Nate. Sony Walkman’s are hard to draw.

  2. Battletoads is one of the best games ever, and that level is insanely tough. 

    Just found out about you guys last week while listening to the Shoptalk Show.  The Kick Awesome Show is one of the best things on the interwebs, and I’ve learned quite a bit from watching the 15+ episodes I’ve watched recently.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  3. @Jeremy Battletoads was the best! That and River City Ransom.

    We are super glad you’ve found us and The Kick Awesome Show. We’ll keep making them as long as we can. And if you have any questions or know of a cool thing to feature on the show, please send it to us!

  4. Hi Pete,We do care about the PC users. It’s cmnoig we swear . WRT the special deal. PC users will be grandfathered in as well. If you signed up for the PC waiting list before Dec 7th. You will get the same treatment as the Mac folks. We are one with the PC folks   we just had a hard time finding a programmer we could vibe with. We now have that person.. he kicks *happy word* PC cmnoig soon.. we swear

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