Reasons Why it’s Fun to Have a Camera in your iPhone

by Jonathan Longnecker

Most of us have gotten used to carrying around a phone that also has a camera in it. Makes for great quick shots when you wouldn’t normally have time to grab your regular camera. I happen to have an iPhone, and yes I know it’s camera isn’t that great, but hey it was better than the old Razr’s so there you go. Plus I can show people in style by flipping, zooming and pinching. Yeah that’s right smile.

So anyway, I’ve been accumulating some really random pictures I snapped on the fly and thought I’d share them. Enjoy!

shoe room

1. I ran across this shoe room in some department store….like a JC Penny’s or Belk. It was supposed to be the super-fancy high end shoe room. Except it looks like some bad 80’s shoe explosion. What is up with that wallpaper? And the shoes suck. And they’re in no order whatsoever. Is it that hard to line up the benches? Geez.

huge remote 2. Walgreens is a fun place. Most drug stores are, actually. There’s always a plethora of random, random things. Take for instance this ENORMOUS remote control. I love how it says at the bottom: “Never misplace your remote again!” I don’t think I could hide the thing on purpose. I mean, seriously, it’s huge.

jessica alba action figure 3. Also from our Walgreens trip, a Fantastic Four action figure that is supposed to look like Jessica Alba. If she was a man, apparently. Not sure what they were thinking there.

call *happy word* balls 4. And my favorite, a real estate sign for some commercial property. To be fair to this poor guy, “Richard” Balls is not his name. On closer inspection someone had carefully cut off the vinyl so that the E in BALES looks like another L. But still! It even rhymes. Can’t you just imagine a jingle for this guy? I’m crying I’m laughing so hard.

That’s all for now. This may become a regular installment.

July 09, 2008



  1. Hilarious. Love the real estate sign and the shoe store. I’ve got to start doing it like this… quick little photos and a brief summary. I hold on to them because I think I’m going to write a full dissertation on the zaniness of the whole scene, but this is way better. Brevity. I can haz brevity. Gotta work on that.

    Keep the series alive.

  2. Hahaha thanks Lawrence! I held on to the Walgreens shots for way too long myself. It was Mr. Balls that put it over the edge, though; had to put them up smile

  3. Great post idea. These things should definitely be shared, though I douby poor old *happy word* Balls would agree downer 

    An interesting note about action figures: a lot of times the toy companies may have a license for a character, but for a certain actor’s likeness. Star Wars figures used to pretty bad in this respect (a Leia from 1995 looked more like Anthony Kiedis).

    PS thanks for using a captcha that I can actually read!

  4. Good point, rcm; hadn’t thought about them not having permission to make it look like her. Yeah, I prefer ExpressionEngine’s captcha, too smile

  5. LOL is that *happy word* Balls sign for real or photoshopped?

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