New Music From Apryl Lynn

by Nate Croft

image If you’ve been reading the blog, you might remember us posting about some of our top secret media projects. Apryl Lynn’s With This Breath is the first of those projects that we are releasing out into the wild.

Apryl isn’t your average singer/song writer. She avoids the whiny artist who complains over a couple of chords stereo type, and gets straight to into the soaring rock choruses. Or was that electro-disco-rock beats? She isn’t afraid to give the song what it asks for. And we were more than happy to oblige. This is FortySeven Media’s first venture into the realm of artist development and record production, and we have to say, we like it. Taking a great barebones song to a fully fleshed out arrangement that just won’t get out of your head is truly rewarding, and even more so is taking a chance on a local talent and giving her the shot she deserves.

So if you haven’t already, click on the players below to kick out the jams. The first song is called Shadow Of Your Wings and the second one (my favorite -Nate) is called You Said.

Let there be rock!

UPDATE: Apryl’s With This Breath is now availble on iTunes, Amazon, Lala, eMusic, and Napster!

December 04, 2008



  1. Man I’m loving the funky disco action! on You Said. Who’s idea was that? Oh wait it was mine smile Super psyched this is finally going live.

  2. I love Apryl Lynn and how her worship is always real!

  3. Apryl Reeny!! I love you AND your music!!! your songs are amazing!

  4. shadow of your wings, no joke changed my life.  apryl’s worship style and leading helped me find the Lord.

  5. Your music is The Sex!
    Your family must be so lucky to have you around to play your music anytime.
    But your just ahhhhhhhhmazing!
    Keep the tunes roling.

  6. Apryl!!
    im so proud of you smile
    it really sounds like you’re taking off.
    i love your music , but i love you MORE!!!

  7. I’m in complete shock over your voice…

  8. You rock kiddo. It’s never in question when you pickup the guitar that we are not getting your all. The passion you put into your music is absolute and we are so very proud of you.

  9. wow you have grown so much. Your gift in music is so awesome smile let me know when a cd drops please grin

  10. I am SOOOOO excited about the upcoming CD release. I have been waiting for what seems like forever. I think I am going to have to get you to put 20 cds on reserve for me… soo many people already asking and waiting for them. (Love you sis)

  11. Apryl, Jim Johnson here, I am amazed . Love the sounds. Keep it up . If you need help with a video let me know . Give me a call 254-1505. Be blessed and keep on being a blessing

  12. AWESOME APRYL! I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to meet you and hope to continue to get to know you and your love for God.

    Keep on playin’! smile


    I fantasize about smootching your tunes!
    These tracks are HOT!

  14. This cd is bangin!

    - Let me know when your posters come out so I can hang one in my room


  15. Apryl, you are amazing! May God increase your ministry of music and lead you down the path He has destined for you.  Love you.

  16. Hey guys, audio should work in Firefox now. Sorry it took so long!

  17. Her voice is so beautiful and strong.  I wish the electric guitars backed off a little bit during the chorus so that her voice could be show-cased better.  But at the same time, they do give her voice a rockin boost. Hmmmmmmmmm. I’m back and forth with it, now.

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  19. WOW! Apryl, I’m so proud of you! Congratulations! *hugs*

  20. Hey Apryl!  Congratulations on the first of hopefully many CD’s.  My old-fashioned ears can’t understand the words, but the music’s really awesome.  I’m sure the Lord is pleased!  Stay true to your calling, Sweetheart.

  21. I wish the electric guitars backed off a little bit during the chorus so that her voice could be show-cased better.  But at the same time, they do give her voice a rockin boost.

  22. Hello…..........

            I was on the media folder and I when I clicked on a media file, it played with a secret microsoft media player that looked like something from Win95. It was a gray box with media controls. The only colors were gray and black. I don’t think it’s mplayer2.exe or mplay32.exe (both easter eggs). Is it a part of MSoffice because i had it when it appeared or something else hapened. I was playing an MIDI file. please tell me how to find it. It’s an interesting player or an easter egg. Or can anyone tell me all the media players that com with XP?

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