Less Memories, A Great Little Web App

by Jonathan Longnecker

Less Memories Octopus and Brain LogoI’ve been following the guys over at Less Everything for a while, and noticed some posts about…well us for one (ahem, sorry I couldn’t resist), but also about a new web app they put together called Less Memories. The octopus brain thing intrigued me.

So from what I can tell, it’s a great idea. A place online to store those random thoughts you have throughout the day. Like when my wife says, “We should really go rollerskating sometime,” and I nod yes but will never ever remember to actually do it? Yeah that happens ocasionally :( Enter Less Memories! If I’m not near my computer, I can jump over on my iPhone and add a memory. Then when date night is coming up….hey, I’ve got a whole list of ideas straight from her!

Less Everything: My wife says thank you.

Oh, and could we get an iPhone specific version sometime maybe please??

February 07, 2008



  1. Thanks Jonathan a nod from the 47 guys is big in my book.

  2. Couldn’t agree more!

    Great app, would never imagine something so great coming from something so small!

  3. thanks Jonathan):

  4. thanks

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