Kicktastic - Unconventional Video Training for Gutsy Businesses

by Jonathan Longnecker

We're so excited to announce the official launch of Kicktastic!.

Why did we make it?

  1. Running a business is really hard. There's no way you and I can know everything there is to know about it in and of ourselves.
  2. Most business training is long, boring and one sided. We wanted to change that.
  3. You need to make more money.

What is Kicktastic?

Kicktastic is unconventional video training for gutsy businesses. Every month you'll get fresh content in the form of a main topic video, transcript and resources, and related video tips. We'll be interviewing the smartest minds in the business and refining it down into info packed, entertaining videos that don't waste your time. Plus, each video has its own discussion thread below so members can ask questions, share their stories and help each other out.

The first video series is by us, and it's called Branding, Attention & the Power of Video. You'll see how we've branded, marketed and used video to increase our profit over 50%!

This is obviously a lot of work, so it won't be free, but you'll have access to all the videos, books, transcripts and everything else we create for you as long as you're a member. The entrie site is responsive as well, so you can train on the go!

Interested? It's time to level up your business powers. Let's do this!

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June 15, 2012



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