Don’t Be Scared, Change Things Up

by Jonathan Longnecker

Jon Yelling
Vanquish the foe of fear. WIth your kids's super hero mask.

We’re currently doing some “interior” work on FortySeven Media - changing very fundamental things about how we work, collaborate and make money. We’ve basically done the same thing for quite a few years. Everything’s going ok. Why upend everything?

Because things were feeling too safe. We weren’t challenging ourselves nearly as much as we used to. And while incremental updates to processes and tools and contracts are fine, we got to a point where it was time to start fresh.

Is it better to live safely or to take big risks?

This is incredibly scary. We have families to provide for, bills to pay and yachts to sail. Yachts encrusted in diamonds. Ok, maybe just the first two.

Is it better to live safely or to take big risks? I think it’s the latter. Risks keep you on your toes, give you something to believe in and energize you each day. I don’t want to wake up 5 years from now and say, “Why am I doing the exact same thing? This sucks.”

Will any of this work? I have no idea. You’ve probably noticed I’ve not mentioned anything specific - that’s on purpose - and most likely for other articles. But for now, as we’re in the thick of re-working everything, this is for us as well:

Don’t be scared, change things up.

Oh, and buy a yacht.

June 13, 2012

Business, Personal


  1. YES! YES! YES!

  2. @Carl SmithYes!! Yes!! Are we talking about the yacht?

  3. Looking forward to hearing more. And why buy a yacht when you can buy a pontoon boat?

  4. @JD Graffam I have no answer for that. Seeing as we’re from Tennessee a pontoon boat is probably more desirable.

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