FortySeven Media is speaking at EECI 2010 in Leiden, The Netherlands

by Jonathan Longnecker

ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter Conference

Last year Nate and I got to go on a grand adventure. We travelled overseas, saw the beautiful city of Leiden and met a ton of amazing people in the ExpressioneEngine community. EECI was the premier EE conference, pulling in designers and developers from all over the world, and doing it with style to spare.

Next up was EECI 2010 in San Francisco last June. Lots of old friends showed up and many new ones were made. Not to mention the city was amazing! EllisLabs introduced MojoMotor during the keynote and we had more sourdough bread that we could eat in a life time. In short, it was a blast!

And now EECI is going back to it’s birthplace, in Leiden the Netherlands. From September 29 - October 1st you’ll be hearing from some fantastic speakers. Leevi Graham, Greg Wood, Veerle Pieters, Brandon Kelly and Travis Schmeisser just to name a few. Oh and did we mention that there will be a double dose of FortySeven Media this year? That’s right, Nate will be kicking off the opening keynote and I’ll be talking about EE2’s custom publish area. And don’t miss the all new DevDay! - A 12 hour designing/coding marathon sure to produce some interesting results.

Why do I tell you all this? Because you need to come. The city is gorgeous, the friends you’ll make are fantastic and the stuff you’ll learn will blow your mind. And if you hurry, Duoh! is giving 30% off for 20 tickets. So go, do it now, register! We’ll see you in Leiden.

September 16, 2010

Business, ExpressionEngine


  1. Oh man, sitting here with Andy @shapingthepage both of us wishing that we could make it, especially after being reminded how awesome it is going to be!  Glad to hear that both of you will be speaking.  Perhaps we’ll catch up again at the next one.

  2. Ahhh man that’s too bad. We’ll definitely have to catch up on the next one!

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