ExpressionEngine Ninja T-Shirt Duel!

by Jonathan Longnecker

EE Ninja Shirts

Alright kids, less than two weeks until EECI2010 in Leiden and we're brining some more EENinja shirts. The question is what color? The shirt itself will be offwhite, but do we print gray or the beloved EE2 pink? Or do we go back to the original black shirt with white text? And just to make sure the printer doesn't kill us, let's do this thing quickly smile. Let the duel begin. Take the poll. Let us know.

Sorry, poll is closed

September 13, 2010



  1. Grey - I like pink but on this occassion the grey suits.

  2. Ninjas don’t wear pink, not in public anyway…

  3. @Ant I don’t know…I think a ninja could wear whatever he wanted in public since he can kill you with a glance :D

  4. Grey is best for sneaky ninja.

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