Five Days of DesignHope

by Jonathan Longnecker

5 days of DesignHope

I’ll just come out and say it. DesignHope has taken way too long. What started as a great idea with support from some of the coolest companies out there turned into a long drawn out process that still isn’t finished. Scott, we’re sorry, man. I hope you haven’t minded being the guinea pig. We still have big plans for DesignHope, but obviously we need to get some structural details worked out.

Being a small two-man design shop means that we are always busy, each of us managing every part of every job. And unfortunately the unpaid projects tend to go by the wayside. But hey, you don’t want to hear our excuses right? Let’s figure out how to fix this mess.

Nate and I have decided that starting next Monday, we’re going to devote the week to finishing designing and building the UnderDog site. Five Days of DesignHope, if you will. We’ll be blogging and tweeting the progress as we go. I have no idea if we can have it live and finished by then, but we’re sure going to try!

Stay tuned…


  1. Here’s to Extreme Makeover Web Addition!

  2. Hehe. We need some celebrities helping us; that would make it fun.

  3. Now this should be awesome!!! Been looking forward to the finished product for a while.

  4. Great Show Team! Any updates, it would be great to hear more about the challenges that your facing if any and tips for other startups.

  5. @nolochemical yes, we’re very close. Just waiting on getting the hosting sorted out and moved over.

  6. Yeah, I wish I could meet the ideal schedule! The only time I was able to do that citeostsnnly was when I was unemployed T__T So yeah it’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t, since I refuse to rush production I have not posted/ censored maybe one or two posts ever, they were posts that had swearing in a non-funny, offensive way. In general though there’s an expectation of trust. If I just stopped posting everything that was bad , then I’d be like you know China or some awful place and that’s not very nice. You wouldn’t be able to trust any of the comments knowing that I could be deleting all the ones that I disliked.

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