Favorite Projects of 2008

by Jonathan Longnecker

Raise your hand if you can’t believe it’s almost 2009 already. Yep I’ve got mine up! It’s amazing how fast time flies when you’re having fun. The last year has definitely been an interesting one, and we’re looking forward to this next year with great expectation and excitement. I can honestly say that God has blessed us with the best jobs and families in the world. What more can a guy ask for?

I thought about writing some sort of “resolution” or goals post for the new year, but instead I think sometimes it’s good to reflect on what you’ve done. You might even amaze yourself. Looking back over all of our projects this past year, I was surprised at just how much we’d done with a small two man shop. Apparently we’ve been busy smile.

For those of you who just recently found us, here’s a quick recap of our favorite projects this past year. Hope you enjoy!

Web Design Projects

EdgePoint Church

EdgePoint Chuch Website

No surprise this was one of our favorites. It came together very quickly and got a ton of attention from Smashing Magazine, Web Designer Wall, Collide Magazine and Godbit. Links: Portfolio | Live Site

LoanMarq Web Application

LoanMarq Web App

Painstakingly designed and coded, we even integrated this directly with the developers Rails code. A great learning experience for us and a great user interface for the user. Links: Portfolio

Knoxville Leadership Foundation


KLF had a great identity to work with, and made it easy to create this fun and engaging site. Link: Portfolio | Live Site

Handshake Web Application

Handshake Web App

Love the look and feel of this web app. I don’t think I’ve seen anything else like it. They should be launching sometime in 2009. Link: Portfolio

SalesManage Solutions

SalesManage Solutions

This site has a great professional feel while still being interesting. Very clean and easy to read! Link: Portfolio | Live Site



A joint project with Fuscient, it’s a great (and scary) way to know just where your tax dollars go when the government gets ahold of them. This one got some press as well. Link: Portfolio | Live Site

LoanMarq Website


The LoanMarq Application needed a marketing site, and this is what we came up with. The two share some design ideas but stand on their own. It’s simple, but I like the way it turned out. Link: Portfolio | Live Site

ApMa Project

ApMa Project

It was a blast redesigning my first HTML/CSS website. You learn a lot in a couple of years! Link: Portfolio | Live Site

ADS Phoenix

ADS Phoenix

These guys gave my my first real design job so it was fun to get them setup with a proper website. I’m particularly proud of all the ExpressionEngine relationship work going on between client and portfolio entries. Link: Portfolio | Live Site

Heroes or Ghosts

Heroes or Ghosts

It’s a simple one page site, but for us it represents the last 5 years of trying to finish our album. Momentous occasion. Link: Portfolio | Live Site

Graphic Design

EdgePoint Church Logo

EdgePoint Church

I’m just as happy with the logo as I am with the website. Everything we did for them turned out awesome. Link: Portfolio

Cherokee Mills Logo

Cherokee Mills Logo

We already detailed the process here, but this may be my favorite logo we did this past year. Link: Portfolio

Condor Options Logo

Condor Options Logo

Super clean and friendly, just the way they wanted it. Link: Portfolio

Cherokee Mills Pocket Folder

Cherokee Mills Pocket Folder

This printed piece just turned out beautifully. You have to see it in person to truly appreciate it. Link: Portfolio

Dominion Logo & Identity

Dominion Logo

Once again, very simple, but clean and strong. That’s how I like my logos! Link: Portfolio

Media Creation

Heroes or Ghosts - Little Rooms

Heroes or Ghosts Album

Definitely one of our favorite projects. Go download a free song and let us know what you think. Link: Portfolio

Apryl Lynn - With This Breath

Apryl Lynn Album

Another one of our favorites for the year. Apryl has an amazing voice and writes amazing songs. We’re excited to help others find out about her music! Link: Portfolio

So there you go! And that’s just the ones we can show you. Many are still not live yet or in progress, so stay tuned. 2009 is going to be kick awesome!

December 31, 2008

Design, Business, ExpressionEngine


  1. Time really flies so fast. The last time I remember, I was celebrating New Year with my family; and now I’m celebrating it again with them. I can’t believe another year had passed. 2008 has been a good year for me, I hope 2009 will be a good one, too.

    Anyway, your projects are awesome. I love the design of your ApMa Project. I’m wishing you more luck and more projects this year. Good luck!

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