EECI2010 Presentation Notes - The Power of ExpressionEngine’s Dynamic Templates

by Jonathan Longnecker


Greetings from San Francisco! Nate and I are having a great time meeting up with old friends and making new ones at this year’s ExpressionEngine and CodeIgnitor conference.

I had the pleasure of doing a MasterClass on “The Power of EE’s Dynamic Templates” yesterday and wanted to get the slides up for everyone to check out. It was 4 hours long, so there’s quite a few smile. Several people asked for the slides with the code so I wanted to get them up as soon as possible.

Below is the embedded Slideshare version:

Or you can download a PDF version here.

June 01, 2010



  1. Thanks for uploading the slides for everyone, they look very useful!

  2. No problem, Mike! Do some kick awesome stuff with it.

  3. This is great stuff! Thank you guys. Will definitely come in handy. Sorry I couldn’t make it this year. Hopefully next time!

  4. Hey Jonathan I’m thinking about purchasing the DVD, is your presentation on it.

  5. Hey Eric,

    As far as I know the MasterClasses were not recorded; just the keynotes/workshops the next two days. There weren’t any cameras in my room at least smile.

  6. Between yourself and @jamiepittock - you’ve covered some really cool little time savers here.

    Good to see I manage things in a similar way to other cool EE devs wink

  7. Thanks @Steven! @jamiepittock’s talk blew my mind. Great stuff!

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