DesignHope: What’s Going On?

by Jonathan Longnecker


I was talking to a client this afternoon and realized we hadn’t given much of an update on DesignHope in the last month. So here it goes!

It’s kinda sorta done. The site has actually been finished for several weeks; we’re just waiting for Scott’s iPhone app to go live in the AppStore before we launch. As soon as we get the go ahead from him we’ll be officially launching.

In the meantime, Newism is ramping up production on the eNews design, and it looks like the guys over at Mobify are going to hook Scott up with a mobile version of his site in the coming weeks.

A huge thanks to all the sponsors for all their help so far. You guys have been awesome!

May 13, 2010

Design Hope


  1. question. . .saw that you all created sevier height’s site. . .fabulous, by the way. . .

    then i was looking to see if you all ever gave any “free designs” away, etc. . .

    anyways, i saw on the side designhope and i also saw something about best christian design. . .could you possibly tell me more about “get a free website” and what you need to do to qualify or be “put” in the drawing. . .
    this is for new market baptist church in new market, tn!!!!  i was just wondering!

    thanks a million!!!

  2. @Jessica, Thanks for the kind words smile The first DesignHope was for small business startups, but I think the next will be focused on Non-Profits. You can subscribe to the blog or follow us on Twitter to find out when we’ll start it up again.



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