BuzzWord: An Amazing Online Word Processor

by Jonathan Longnecker


We’ve all probably used Google Docs or Zoho Writer. The new crop of AJAX based online word processing applications surely have Microsoft scrambling over in Redmond. Not to say any of those options is bad; in fact most of them are quite nice. But I found something completely different. BuzzWord.

Interestingly enough, BuzzWord is built on the Adobe Flex framework (so you need Flash to use it). Now, a web designer like me who usually tells my clients to forget Flash and focus on standards based XHTML, CSS and Javascript, shouldn’t like it. But dang, it’s nice. The simplicity of the interface coupled with super smooth, functional animations make it one of the best word processors I’ve seen, period. I enjoy writing with it! Can’t even say that about Pages or Text Edit. Best of all, it keeps all my blog entries or other articles I’ve written in one place that’s accessible from anywhere.

Well, almost anywhere. See, since it’s in Flash it won’t work on my iPhone, or most other mobiles, I would assume (let me know in the comments if you can!). I couldn’t even get it to load up in my NetNewsWire browser which I thought was strange. So I’m not sure what kind of magic they’re using, but there you go.

This is one of those deals where it’s just such a pleasure to use that I can live without a mobile version for now. Seriously, if you get a chance, sign up and check it out. It will change your idea of what a web application can be.

Try BuzzWord.

February 19, 2008

Design, Business


  1. Buzzword is indeed a great word processing application. I love just because of its simplicity.

  2. I like GoogleDoc more than Zoho:-)

  3. Google Docs is also available offline.

    Google Docs Rocks!!

  4. i like googledoc more than zoho

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