Awesome Hand Carved Logo

by Jonathan Longnecker

FortySeven Media Logo Handcarved

Ever wanted your logo hand carved from a massive piece of wood by natives of Papua New Guinea? Ok, so maybe it wasn’t the first thing on your list, but dang it’s cool. My wife’s sister and her husband are missionaries in New Guinea and are back in the states to make the rounds to all their supporters and show them what they’ve been up to. Too many “and’s” in that last sentence? Probably. Regardless, we just got this in yesterday and had to share.

DetailSo obviously this is an old version of our logo (we didn’t know we were going to be redesigning it when they did this), but we just got our hands on it since shipping anything to where they’re at costs like thousands of dollars. As you can see, it rocks! The detail is just amazing. Everything is done by hand and there’s no templates or anything like that. It’s all custom. You can feel the life in it.

So let me ask, do your clients rave like this about your work? Do they see the blood, sweat and tears that went into creating it? The painstaking attention to detail? And even if they don’t appreciate it, are you happy with what you create everyday? You should be. Take the time to make it indisputably awesome. Don’t use templates. Your clients deserve better. And if you run across an amazing creation by someone else, take the time to let them know.

April 29, 2008

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  1. That is awesome! Seriously I want one… how do I get one made?

  2. Hey Allan, that’s a good question. I think getting it made is pretty easy, it’s just getting it back to the states that’s a bit more difficult. If you want I can check on it, though!

  3. All I want to konw is how can I do that in PS?

  4. This people has good hands! Logo is great!

  5. Incredible! Something to be said about this kind of craftsmanship, its a special thing. Now if you could just have them do one in reverse for letterpressing…  smirk
    Wonder what kind of wood that is, mahogany?
    Enjoy you guys work!

  6. @Ryan - This is actually made out of ironwood. Which actually sinks in water, I think. Good call on the letterpressing!

  7. Hey all if you are interested in purchasing a story board (Cool carving) you can contact us to place an order.  They are a bit expensive since the shipping kills but they are all hand done made to order we do smaller boards and coffee and end tables as well.  Money goes directly to the carver.  They live in a very remote village check out our website. (THANKS 47 Media!)

  8. Very cool and definitely worthwhile.  There certainly a lot of talent behind that!

  9. Can I find out the specifics about the wood carving work displayed on your website?  We would like to pursue getting our logo carved like that.  It may not be feasible, but I’d like to gather the information, such as cost, time frame to produce and name of carver.

    Thank you,

    Kim Bastian

  10. Hi Kim, a few comments above you is a link to the site; their email address should be on there.

  11. Indeed that is some sweet hand crafted goodness. I just sent an email out to em for a quote.

  12. Sweet Chad! You won’t be disappointed for sure.

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