You Don’t Have To Choose, You Can Create

by Nate Croft

Somewhere, a long time ago, they wrote the rules. You know, those rules where we lose and they win. They, Them, and The Man. They got together and figured out how to keep us down.

The funny thing is that the only thing holding this system together is that we all seem to agree that these rules should be followed. As the people of this planet, we've mostly been duped into thinking that things are the way they are and “That's just how it is.”

We look at the options given to us by the world and feel like we have to choose from what we've been offered and what we think we can do. It's as if we've been waiting in line to receive our lot in life, watching everyone else get amazing opportunities and we're excited to see what we get. Then, it's our turn. We walk up to the counter, wide-eyed and ready for the significant, meaningful adventure of a life we'd been rehearsing to pass the time in line.

Somewhere you were taught that you had to choose from the options you've been given.

The Man reaches beneath the counter and pulls out your choices. On the left, a steaming pile of meaningless hard work. On the right, the biggest glass of “Not as Good as Everyone's Life” you've ever seen. The Man says to you, “Disappointment goes down smooth!”

And there's the problem square and ugly as it is. Somewhere you were taught that you had to choose from the options you've been given. Maybe it was a friend, maybe it was a parent, maybe it was the whole miserable, depressed, beaten-down world. They lied to you. All of them.

They probably didn't mean to. They may not have even known they were doing it. Mostly likely they were simply repeating what they had been told, trying to help. That doesn't change the fact that they are wrong.

You don't have to simply choose. No, you are a human being, created to create. You, my friend, can make opportunities. You can create more options than you've been given. You can make something happen.

Now, which story do you want to tell? “I waited in line” or “I flipped the table, marched out and made something no one had ever seen.”

June 04, 2013



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