What happens when you don’t give up?

by Nate Croft

imageHello everyone! You might have noticed that it has been a little quiet around here the past few months. Despite the fact that I have alerts telling me “Post To the FortySeven Media Weblog!” every Tuesday around lunch time, I have not managed to compose even one post in ages due to a crazy amount of projects we have running. I reflected on this for a moment just now and I realized something. When you don’t give up on your dream, you will most likely succeed. But the even bigger thought that’s riding in the sidecar of this mental motorcycle is this: Are you prepared for the day when your dream starts to become reality?

Yeah, that sounds a touch a stupid, but let it sit in your head for a minute like a slow cooker. When the huge clients finally start calling, what will you do? No, seriously, this isn’t a rhetorical question. We ask ourselves that question every so often. Figure this out now while you have enough brain power, because when you do land that first huge job, your head might explode shortly after signing the contract when you realized just exactly what you have gotten yourself into.

If that idea strikes a healthy amount of fear into you, don’t worry, that’s normal. But after that, here’s what you do: You deliver.

That’s why you got here in the first place, you delivered. You put your heart and soul into the work, regardless of obstacles. You didn’t give up when all you had was the small client who couldn’t tell the difference between the internet and Internet Explorer. When you looked at your design and realized it sucked, then started from scratch, you delivered.

At the end of the project all anyone cares about is how easy you are to work with, and how well you took their ideas and needs and turned them into a real, beautiful solution. You may not post to your blog or Twitter every day, so what. Yeah you heard me, so what. You are busy making the awesome and every time you launch the awesome people will do the talking for you.

So, what happens when you don’t give up? You are then granted the honor of facing even bigger challenges. And if I know you, that doesn’t scare you. It excites you.

July 21, 2010



  1. It’s simple! When we don’t give up then we achieve bigger and better things in the future definitely.

  2. Good question. I really amused to read the story. Just wanted to say superb!

  3. Hi, I also try to long time but I don’t catch success. Please help me and give me more awesome ideas. Then I will go to my dreamy success. smile

  4. nothing is happen. ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yes,  I prepared for the day when my dream starts to become true. Thanks for sharing. smile Range Finders

  6. It’s easy! When we don’t give up then we attain better and improved things in the prospect positively. Thanks!

  7. Here have lot of info about give up. When I first converting to clean eating, every decision I make involving food has to be conscious.  Thanks a lot smile

  8. I know exactly what you mean. It is hard at times to keep going with your dreams, but I plan on never giving up and hope all of you keep going right at your dreams to.

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