Welcome to 2008!

by Jonathan Longnecker

So technically I’m writing this in the latter portions of 2007, but no matter. As you can see, the ol’ 47m site is looking a bit different as of 2008. That’s right, we’ve finally given ourselves a proper website. It was becoming apparent that we needed our own site to “live up to” the standards we were setting for out clients. Of course we always wanted it to be that way, but finding time is another matter.

See that big “Subscribe” button top right? Use it.

The more we thought about it we realized that we just needed to make time. It’s funny how easy it is to loose track of what’s important. Granted, there are some days that getting money in to pay the mortgage is priority, but as a business we have to look beyond day-to-day tasks. Setting up a true portfolio and blog to share our thoughts with the world will likely have a much farther reaching impact long term than finishing up that magazine ad today. But anyway…

As a designer, one of the hardest things to tackle is designing for yourself. Not only did we need a kick awesome website to show off our work, but we were sorely in need of an identity refresh as well. So who were we now? What did we want to convey with our new look? We weren’t even sure ourselves at first. But slowly the logo emerged, and we believe the new look is much more representative of us personally and professionally. Man, did it take a long time. I think we started some 6 months ago.

So right, on to the point of this post: We are super excited about what 2008 holds for us. We have a couple of awesome jobs that will be unveiling this year; some almost a year in the making. We can’t wait to share them with you. In fact we’ll be doing a lot of sharing here on the blog. We have so much inside of us that hasn’t had an outlet until now. Music, movies, drawings, who knows? Shoot, we don’t even know the half of it. See that big “Subscribe” button top right? Use it. Stay in touch. Check back often. We promise there will be a genuine reason to.

Have a great 2008!

December 29, 2007



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