The Kick Awesome Show: Episode 3

by Jonathan Longnecker

The third times a charm…literally. After moving shooting locations 3 times we finally finished shooting Episode 3 of the Kick Awesome Show. Join us as we talk about iPad textbooks that are too cool for school, Storm Troopers with ‘staches, MojoMotor, our favorite shades of gray (with ninja battles!) and our DesignersMusic picks of the week.

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August 23, 2010

Kick Awesome Show


  1. Finish him! #b3b3b3 win!

  2. Fantastic show! MAKE MORE!

  3. wow….. wow.

  4. @Allan, oh that would have been sweet!

    @Anton Thanks man! We’re doing a new show every week!

    @Ashley This is what happens beside your house. wink

  5. I am now convinced after the 3rd show you two have way too much time on your hands!  Quite entertaining I must say!

  6. @Austin: Just a Monday afternoon. And late nights of editing wink

  7. Yes, we are very efficient with our insanity!

  8. This is my new favorite web show! smile Awesome!  I do have to agree, #b3b3b5 is the better grey!

  9. Ok, the kick awesome is funnier every week . Digging me some new dirty spy rock !

  10. KICK AWESOME, y’all! Love it!

  11. This is great. It made me laugh. It made me cry. I am starting to look forward to the next one each week. Thanks for the tips and just adding some fun to my day.

  12. Hahahahah, i only use man’s grey in my designs.

    The world needs more wants more hex battles!!

    Much respect from Australia!!

  13. You guys melted my face. Great work, keep it up.

    Love love love that you’re outside - so much better than a studio setup.


  14. @Kathy, @Flinger, @ Bridgeforth, @jacko, @Jake so glad you guys are loving it!

    @Brandon Thank you, friend. I’m still bitter about my loss wink

  15. Hey Guys! Great show.
    Had questions for you guys:

    What does your video set up look like? (what do you shoot with and what do you edit with?)

  16. @ Marty: Thanks! We shoot with a Canon T2i using a 17-50mm 2.8 lens and a Zoom H4n for audio duties. For the editing, it’s Final Cut Pro and the odd bit of Motion for special effects.

  17. Hey guys, very “Kick Awesome”.

    Still wondering what the ratio of Kick to Awesome is?

  18. @Tom I’m afraid it’s buried deep in the sands of time for which you must forge an epic quest to discover for thineself.

  19. @Tom: This might be fun to explore at some point. Consider it filed.

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