Three Years and Thank You’s

by Nate Croft

I have often heard people say, “She’s got a case of the Mondays.” Meaning of course that that person might be a touch grumpy because the work week has come around again. Today, I find myself with a case of “The Thank You’s.”

I woke up this morning nearly in a panic because I wanted to make sure that one of our client’s new campaigns launched successfully. I exchanged a few emails and made sure things were running smoothly, which they were. And as I settled into my morning routine, I thought about all the things I needed to do and which clients needed what. About this point I realized that today was February 1st.

To every client, every friend, every blog reader, and Twitter follower, Thank You!

This might not be a holiday to you, but it is to me. You see, three years ago today I left my safe and steady job to pursue FortySeven Media full time. We’d been running for nearly two years on nights and weekends but the time had come to make the jump. So, I jumped. And not very long after, Jon did too.

In the three years since that day, Jon and I have had the privilege to work with some of the finest people, companies and artists around. We’ve been blessed with great opportunities and have been invited to partner with various companies and organizations to help them realize their goals. It has been a wonderful three years.

To every client, every friend, every blog reader, and Twitter follower, Thank You! We thank God for your business, belief, and support. You are the best. Seriously, we love you guys!

Today, as we start our fourth full throttle year, FortySeven Media is stronger, smarter, and more ready to rock than ever! Do you have a crazy project that needs kick-awesome work? Bring it on! We are gearing up for our best year yet and we want you to be a part of it, because part of being thankful for what has been is looking ahead to a bright future of things yet to be thankful for!

February 01, 2010



  1. Congrats fellas, in celebration of your achievements I will not wear pants today.

  2. Its good news guys. As a person in a similar situation to you guys then - at we’ve, just taken on a job that will take care of the next 3 months of evenings - good to see you come out the other side.

    How did God support you and guide you as you began to “break free”, or rather, risk free falling lol?

    I’m fairly unsure why I’m getting all these opportunities, since my Medical Degree finishes in 6 months, at which point I assume He wants me to put design on the back burner…

    Anyways, bless you guys. Looking forwards to many more years!

  3. @Allan We are honored. A pantsless day of victory!

  4. @Chris Man, we loved those jobs! That’s how we made the jump from part time to full time. We saved up while we were still at our day jobs so we could make that leap with some preparation.

    God really blessed us with great word of mouth and people just kept finding us!

    Even as you finish up the medical degree, don’t forget about design. Maybe you can build a site where doctors from around the globe can collaborate!

  5. @Allan In the uk, not wearing pants as a celebration is a much more private and typically british understatement. Not wearing pants *and* trousers makes for a few more legal issues though… In celebration for these guys I’m not using an umbrella today. That said, its not raining, so it’s really more of a token gesture.

    @Nate Already have done: . Appreciate feedback on my upcoming (slightly) more Web 2.0 version -

  6. I appreciate your continued hard work and look forward to more work together in the future! Congrats!

  7. @Chris: Nice! That’s what I like to see awesome ideas being implemented!

    @Josh: Thanks, man! We do too!

  8. You guys rock!

    I love seeing genuine people succeeding and loving what they do. Keep up the kick awesome work!

  9. @Dan: Thanks! Speaking of kick awesome how’s the Front-End coming along?

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  11. sure things were running smoothly…

  12. I totally agreed the part of being thankful for what has been is looking ahead to a bright future of things yet to be thankful for!

  13. Hi

    I must say that when people succeed in their endeavours, it truly is a good thing!

    Great post,


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