Stylegala Reviews FortySeven Media Site

by Jonathan Longnecker

Stylegala. A publication about web designs and standards.We are honored to have been listed on Stylegala’s gallery this month. In addition to seeking out the raddest designs, Sylegala also has a nice newsfeed with relevant and useful info for web designers. Kick awesome for sure. Ty Gossman wrote a very nice review on the new 47m site, and people are giving us pretty darn good ratings. We are super excited to be so well received by the web design community. Check it out if you get a chance via the link below.

Read review of FortySeven Media at Stylegala.

January 21, 2008

Design, Business


  1. rolleyes
    Thanks for showing me some appreciation jL.
    I’ve chalked up a few reviews now, just for fun.
    Thanks too for going the extra mile, and validating the form elements, I forgot to mention that in the review:

    whoBdaMan… uBdaMan… wazzU-uu-pp-p-p!

    Hey curious in the comments notification here is the captcha standard issue EE, on by default or is it a plugin, it’s just like the captcha?

  2. Hey Ty! No problem validating the form elements. Yes we’re using the standard issue captcha that comes with EE. We modified the input a bit for styling but the actual image is generated by EE.

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