New Plans, Standalone Products Now on Kicktastic

by Jonathan Longnecker

Let me tell you that creating our first product has been a grand adventure. Our little web design business training membership program has gone through a ton of changes. Some big (like bringing a partner on) and some small (like the endless tweaking we've done).

And that's not including the content. In fact, since we launched last year we've created over 65 videos and nearly 30 blog articles. Dang. Nap, anyone?

But back to the changes. We've got some exciting news for you guys:

New Plans

Now we have a range of plans that should make it easier for everyone to be a part of Kicktastic. Here's a quick rundown:

  1. Our Free Plan gets you weekly short video tips on all sorts of business advice.
  2. Our Awesome Plan gets you access to all our videos - tips, long form content and interviews for only $12/month.
  3. Our Kick Awesome Plan gives you access to all the videos, plus unlimited downloads of the transcripts, worksheets and MP3's associated with them for only $25/month.

Signup & Get Started!

Stand Alone Products

“But wait,” I hear you say! “I don't want any of this long term monthly stuff!” Totally get that.

So we're also excited to announce that select courses from Kicktastic will now be available in our stand alone store. You can get our first one - Branding, Attention & The Power of Video right now! Learn how we made 50% more last year by combining these three things into a trifecta of fun, awesomeness & profit.

Go Find Out More

P.S. If you share the link to the product when purchasing you can save 20%! Just look for the Facebook and Twitter buttons.

April 22, 2013

Business, Kicktastic


  1. Hey Jonathan, I’ve been looking into Kickstarter for a while now, but I’m concerned about the number of people ‘gaming it’.

    For example, pledging loads to unlock all of the cool stuff, then pulling their pledges and pledging smaller amounts just for the cool stuff that they want.

    Or would you say that’s it’s better not to incentivise pledges using milestones?

  2. @Adam Kickstarter is a whole different thing, my friend smile We don’t have anything to do with them. We’re talking about our small business training program, Kicktastic. Similar names, though!

  3. Hi Jonathan, I’ve been looking into Kickball for a while now, but I’m worried about the lack of Kickball leagues, teams and sporting good stores located near me.

    Do you have any tips on creating a kickball league? Where do I get team shirts from? Where’s the best place to get kickballs?

    Your help is appreciated.

  4. Hi Jon,

    I’m really excited about your new offering. I’ve been looking for a new sidekick for sometime now, but haven’t had any luck.

    I’m assuming that the $12.00/month plan is just for you but for $25.00 I can get both you and Nate as my sidekicks, is that right?

    Honestly I think that might be a bit steep, but I’m willing to take you guys on a trial basis. Although for that price you guys are going to have to supply your own costumes.

  5. Hi Jonathan, I have been thinking about getting into Kick Boxing. I need to get in shape and learn some self defense to protect my family but I am worried about the long term effects of blunt force trauma. Can you recommend some Kickboxing resources that my ease my fears?

    PS - Thanks for creating an online home for the Kick Boxing community.

  6. Hey Jon -

    I’m so glad I found your site about kickbacks!

    I’m just now preparing my taxes for 2010 (I got an extension, I think) and a lot of the money I spent on my business was for what my lawyer refers to as “kickbacks.” To me, it is just gifts I am giving to my friends and in return, they give me a gift: like by signing deals that benefit me. I think that’s what good friends do.

    Does your service help manage these so-called kickbacks so that I can deduct them on my taxes? I mean, it’s A LOT of money. I’d love to be able to get a refund for them from the government. Thanks.

  7. @allan branch @Steven Bristol @Eric Darnell @Annette Fidelino These are by far the best comments we have ever gotten on a blog post. I’m still laughing. You win the internet.

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