Making Kicktastic Free

by Jonathan Longnecker

For those of you keeping track, we started Kicktastic back in June of 2012. The idea was to take what we learned using the Kick Awesome Show to make more money and have more fun, turn it into a product and sell it. That plan morphed into a subscription based model where we would keep creating content each week, interview other awesome business owners and share the knowledge.

With people paying us each month we really felt obligated to crunch out the content—nearly 100 videos and 50 blog posts in a little over a year. I'm getting tired just thinking about that.

And though we made a bit of money, we just felt like something was missing. After lots of conversations, feedback from people we trust, and some inspiring talks at World Domination Summit 2013, we finally figured it out:

  • We already had plenty.
  • We weren't giving enough away.
  • We weren't helping enough people.

So we decided to make Kicktastic free and turn it into a platform for generosity. From now on we want to help you make more money so that you have the freedom to do good and make an impact in your community.

We all have so much. Let's share it with others.

Instead of charging for access, we put in a tip button on each video page. If, after watching a video, you are moved to give, great! If not, that's okay too.

And here's what gets us most excited: 75% of those donations will got to charity: water.

$20 can provide clean drinking water for one person, and we're hoping that Kicktastic fans will help bless hundreds of people in this way.

The other 25% will help keep the site in operation: Vimeo, hosting, content creation, and so forth.

So what are you waiting for?

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