Inspiration Is Everywhere

by Nate Croft

Sometimes I just get stuck when I’m trying to develop colour schemes. I just can’t seem to find the right complement of tones to work with. It’s at these moments when I start to look for some inspiration.

It can be the view from my window, a great photo I’ve seen, the weathered buildings of the aging community centers around, or the left over milk from a bowl of Lucky Charms®. The point is not to miss out on a spark of imagination from the world around you. I’ve recently moved so there are many new things to inspire me, but on one particular occasion I still needed some help. And whilst taking an RSS break I came across this picture:


I can’t recall the photographer, but this picture was exactly the spark I needed to make a good colour palette.

Don’t ignore the world around you. Even your desk can provide creative input if you’ll let it. And I wouldn’t underestimate the power of Lucky Charms® milk either. There’s some trippy stuff happening in the bottom of that bowl.

December 11, 2008



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