FortySeven Media is Now Part of the Fusion Ad Network!

by Jonathan Longnecker

Fusion Ads
The MIghty Fusion Logo

We're very excited to announce today that we're becoming part of the Fusion Ads Network! So many of our heroes are part of this network that it would be foolish to start trying to name one or two. Seriously, just go check out the list. To say we're humbled and honored is an understatement.

We love the ethos behind Fusion - that only ad per page is allowed and that they encourage you to make it fit the style of your site. Plus the products and services they're showing are razor focused towards you guys. Ads that are actually useful! Imagine that.

So, hey! If you see something over there that catches your eye it's ok to click. It helps us keep writing more posts, tutorials and deep (sometimes) thoughts. Thanks for reading!

February 13, 2012



  1. Welcome on board guys! wink

  2. @Jon Phillips Thank you, sir :D

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