ExpressionEngine Giving Free Licenses at Front-End Design Conference

by Jonathan Longnecker

Front-End Design Conference + ExpressionEngine

Just another reason to come to the Front-End Design Conference this year: ExpressionEngine will be giving away 5 EE Packages at my session on “Why ExpressionEngine is Great for Designers.” Each package includes:

  • 1 ExpressionEngine License
  • 1 Discussion Forum License
  • 1 Multiple Site Manager License (3 Sites)
  • 1 Solspace Tag Module License

In addition to me speaking, Kevin Hale of Wufoo, Fabio Sasso of Zee Design Studio, Grant Friedman of Colorburned, Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks (which I read all the time) Andrew Maier of Hashrocket and John Ashenden of Grooveshark (portfolio) will be rocking it out as well.

The conference is July 31st in St. Petersburg, FL at the Hilton Carlton. You can register now for only $99 until July 1st so what are you waiting for people? Weekend beach trip with a design conference! Seriously, do I need to say anything else?

June 04, 2009

Design, Business, ExpressionEngine


  1. I want to go with you SO BAD.

  2. Do it! It’s just one day.

  3. Im pretty stoked to see your presentation on EE. I am a professor here at Full Sail University in Orlando teaching in the web design and development program. Myself and a group of work colleagues will be coming down for the conference. I was turned on to EE a few weeks ago and hope to win an EE package to get a better handle on its capabilities.

    Thanks for publishing tutorials and tricks. Keep em coming. wink

  4. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the kind words, man! I’m getting pretty excited myself. You’re going to love EE.

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  6. @Dhamphy, sorry you’ll need to pay for decent hosting. Try Dreamhost or Bluehost.

  7. Thanks for the advice Jonathan, but I think It would take a month for me before I can have one..
    Have a nice day.  Thanks again smile

  8. Just found your blog via Google Jonathan. Do you know of any good design conferences in the Tampa area?

  9. This is how I got started with ExpressionEngine. This conference, and winning a license! This has set me up for the success I am having today. Thanks EE and 47m!

  10. @Aaron ClaytonNo way, I didn’t realize that. That’s so awesome!!

  11. @Jonathan Longnecker This is why I have started asking so many EE questions to you guys. You have helped me in my career more than you know. It’s really an honor to talk/tweet/email you guys and have you know who I am.

  12. @Aaron ClaytonAwww stop you’re making us blush smile Seriously though, we’re honored to help.

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