DesignHope - We Need Your Help for the Final Push

by Jonathan Longnecker

We’re happy to report that the majority of the code and design is done for the Underdog Solutions site! We’ll give you a link to check it out soon, but in the meantime we need help with what to put in the sidebars of the secondary pages. Here’s the ideas we have so far:

  • Product Callout
  • Twitter status
  • Recent Blog Entries
  • Hire/Contact
  • Quote or Review once we get some more

We obviously won’t have all these all the time, but would like a set of modules to choose from for each.

And for your viewing pleasure, a few screenshots of the other pages:

Underdog Blog

Underdog Product

Underdog Contact

March 26, 2010

Design Hope


  1. Recent Comments
    New Users
    Sign Up Now
    Register for Email
    Facebook Fan Box
    Random happy thoughts

    Not sure what else. Hope this helps somewhat… smile


  2. Beautiful site!

    If the primary business purpose of the site is to generate leads, a “Hire Us/Contact Us” callout would be great. I’m assuming, of course, that one of the fundamental reasons the site exists is to generate new business.

  3. @Zeus, good call on the enews signup since Newism and Campaign Monitor will be providing that.

    @Matt I think it’s split between selling is iPhone app and doing client work as well. For now the main push is the iPhone app, but yes we still need to let people know he’s available for hire.

  4. i should also mention, i love the widgets that pull twitter feeds for keywords, say like for Golf stuff.

    And how about maps and courses widgets that link to the app? Also, I like your feed, not sure if you can add some course photos from and point them to the iTunes or i’m just grasping at air here…

  5. I like the idea of the sidebar content being related to the main content. Maybe it’s the Google-juice I’ve been drinking for a really long time now but on the Blog it makes sense to me to have recent blog posts and categories like you show above.

    Then for the Products page I think it’s almost always better to just feature one product or one selling point rather then crowding it with other things as well. On the home page you could have the Twitter status and maybe do a bit more with Twitter/Facebook status’. Maybe something like what Zeus was talking about. I also like the idea of adding something like personal Flickr photos to the contact page that almost give you more of a feel for who you’re actually contacting rather then just submitting a form to a robot.

    Ok. I have to stop now. Too many thoughts, too many characters.

    The site looks great you guys. Love the choice for the monotone color scheme to bring out the product. You guys rock!

  6. If you use a php based twitter feed, it will also mildly help SEO, as search engines will be able to see it. This means theyll see more keywords, and also notice the site is updating frequently which can help rankings. I wrote a howto on my blog, pretty simple :

    Regarding things for the sidebar: I think having a nice list on contact of all different options, facebook, twitter, google maps, snail mail, email.

    On the about underdog solutions, maybe a link to peoples things they like, such as Jim is currently listening to a lot of (link)Solabeat Alliance(/link), and reading a book about (link)monkeys(link). His latest personal blog post was…

    Love the Design Hope. Was thinking personally to try to do about 30% of my stuff pro bono.


    PS. Posting from my Android phone, I couldn’t pass validation on the word thing below, even trying like 5 times. Did it from PC instead.

  7. Thanks Chris! What kind of validation problems were you having? I.E. what exactly was the error?

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