Design Hope: Final Logo

by Jonathan Longnecker

Underdog Solutions Final Logo

Folks, we have a winner! Scott has officially declared the final logo to be Number 3 from the last round minus the tilting. Though not apparently obvious, this version was completely redone, ensuring spacing and alignment was perfect and optimized where necessary. The Solutions font was beefed up a bit, too. Good call on that one, loyal readers! Not much else to say here, really. Since we’re starting from the ground up and have such a strong and simple mark, I’m going to tackle color alongside the website design. A little unorthodox, perhaps? Yeah, we were never the normal ones wink.

Thanks everyone for your input. We’re moving on to wireframing next.

October 08, 2009

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  1. Love it! Can’t wait to see the continued progress!

  2. I like it!

  3. “there can be only 1” in the words of 47M i think it’s “Kick Awesome” !, ^AQ

  4. grin  Very cool guys! Can’t wait to see what comes next smile

  5. I’m not to crazy about the final logo. I like version 1 the best. Version 1 was more simple, readable,  and has a smoother flow. In version 1 I like how underdog is all on one line with a dog icon in the lowercase d and solutions right beneath it.

    The final version is not as easy to read and doesn’t flow smoothly. The dog icon looks out of place. When I read the logo i feel like my train of thought is running into a wall when I get to the dog icon. Then after the icon is the word Dog, it just doesn’t flow well to me. I think if the Dog was positioned on the right it would read better.

    That’s just my 2 cents and that might be all it’s worth because Fortyseven media are much better designers than I am.

  6. Can you share what typeface you used for the word “Underdog”? It’s lovely.

  7. @Michael It’s Mustardo; very fitting for a dog logo smile

  8. Sweet! Thank you so much.

    I see there’s Ketchupa and Mayo, too!

  9. Very nice, a fantastic outcome. Very strong and memorable. Love it.

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