47m Interviewed by PixelApnea

by Jonathan Longnecker

PixelApneaI got a most surprising email in my inbox the other day; a request for an interview! Wait, someone wants to interview us? I have to say, we’re pretty flattered that anyone would actually ask us questions and then post them to their own blog. I mean, you never know what we’re going to say! But hey, PixelApnea looks to be the first one to take the plunge, and hopefully in the process is building up some solid content in the land of web design. Actually they have lots of good content; I just hope we didn’t soil it wink.

So you want to know how we got started? Which designers we like? What programs we use? A lot of things we really should have put on our own blog first? Head on over and check out the article. It’s short and littered with lots of pretty web designs that look really familiar…

February 19, 2009

Design, Business


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