The Kick Awesome Show: Episodes 9-11

by Jonathan Longnecker

Greeting, friends! In case you missed the Kick Awesome Show the last few weeks after the move, fear not! We’ll catch you up all quick like right here:

Episode 9

Hey look, you made it back! We were worried we might loose you in the move to this fancy new site. Join us as we talk about the Dribbble state phenomenon, littlest Longnecker’s 1st birthday, how far we would travel to shoot the show, why we ditched Vimeo for YouTube and our picks from DesignersMusic. Oh and a special guest.

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Episode 10

For us, this is a milestone. Episode number 10! Join us as we talk about AmpliTube for iPad, Meat on swords, the possibility of stopping MC Hammer, what to use for bookmarking awesome stuff and our picks from DesignersMusic.

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Episode 11

This one goes all the way to 11! Join us as we talk about iPod Nano watches, a free tshirt contest, how we backup, puppet warp in Photoshop and our picks from DesignersMusic.

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November 29, 2010

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